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file icon Will Thou Be Made Whole?hot!Tooltip 07/15/2008 Hits: 1704
This lesson will enable us to determine whether we’re allowing the Lord to completely perfect us by healing our minds, bodies and spirits of issues that have hindered us in the past.
file icon The Spirit of Mammonhot!Tooltip 07/15/2008 Hits: 3922
A teaching which explains how money is the root of all evil, and how even spiritual leaders must avoid being entrapped by it.
file icon Seeking the Truthhot!Tooltip 07/15/2008 Hits: 986
A teaching which takes readers through the "Roman Road," providing some insight which enables readers to fully grasp the need for salvation.
Satan’s ultimate purpose in the life of every man is to help condemn his soul to eternal damnation. Once an individual has accepted Jesus Christ as his or her Savior, his modus operandi shifts from attempting to get the believer to join him in Hell to another purpose. If he cannot gain another soul for destruction with himself, his greatest desire is to thwart this person from living abundantly as Jesus planned. Overwhelming us with heaviness, or depression, is one of the methods that he uses to keep us from living victoriously, and better yet, to keep us from witnessing to unsaved people.This lesson exposes the methodology of heaviness and details how to thwart it via the word of God.
file icon Healing Through Prayerhot!Tooltip 02/09/2010 Hits: 753
These verses will help you understand how to get spiritual healing for yourself orothers through prayer.  Even if God directs you to handle your situation via medical treatment, you can still trust God to anoint the minds of your doctors and expedite your healing process.
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